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FORTMAN is born from the passion and expertise behind PIAK OFFROAD, building on 20 years of market leading offroad product development.

Based in the automotive industry powerhouse of Thailand.  Long known as the world's main producer of Pickup trucks, passenger vehicles and SUVs, for leading automotive brands, FORTMAN is ideally placed to create a new brand of world class offroad equipment.

FORTMAN raises the bar in offroad lifestyle equipment, responding to an increasing demand for modular and customisable packages to suit varied lifestyles from intrepid overland adventurers to practical and tough commercial applications.

FORTMAN specialises in steel and aluminium fabrication, creating latest technology compliant equipment of the highest quality. The FORTMAN design ethos emphasises improvement upon original specifications, and performance, while staying true to manufacturers design concepts and creating modern tough equipment to enhance and activate a vehicles full potential.

At the heart of FORTMAN DNA, is a complete set of equipment to enable users to select and create the precise specification to suit their offroad lifestyle. Whether an overland adventurer, an intrepid offroad explorer or looking to add tough protection to enhance an existing platform.

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